AJT offers a distributed network roll out service package that supports each phase of the roll out process. With existing resource experience and competencies, multi-expertise technicians and professionals, e combine with the processes and techniques available so as to be able to create a turnkey solution with multi partners.

The civil works for permanent shelter & telecommunication towers of the type of greend field and its facilities, belonging to the POLRI are one of the projects that we are currently working on. Greenfield telecommunication towers are single towers that require more space and are usually located in the rural area. Some of the civil work that we have done for tower construction are scattered in several areas: Yogyakarta, Banten, East Java, Babylon-Riau Islands, Central Java & North Sumatra.

Map Coverage Civil Works
Soil Test
soil investigations
Tower Foundation
Fence & Yard Work
Tower Ready Integration
Permanent Shelter