PT Amarta Jaya Telekomindo is a company engaged in the construction and procurement of telecommunications facilities with decades of experience with various public companies, government agencies and telecommunications companies.

The company practices in the development fields of telecommunication & IT technology infrastructure, multimedia communications, electronic low voltage system solutions (building automation, hotel management & operations system solutions), telecommunication tower constructions, outside plants, main switches office, IT equipment, integrated command center & video management system, and the respective facilities together with our business partners and principles.



A reliable company for all kind of Telecommunication & IT Infrastructure, building automation and electronic low voltage system solution projects both domestic and international.


To support our clients in achieving their business objectives by providing added-values solutions and construction services through our core values:

Excellence: We strive for quality assurance, continuously evolve, and utilizing advanced technologies.

Teamwork: We insist on mutual respect, cooperation and mutual encouragement to achieve individual’s potential

Integrity    :  We act with reliability, trustworthy and fairness

Commitment: We are fully dedicated to delivering our objectives through the most efficient use of resources and compliances

Sustainability: We are committed to safeguarding all customers, including the health and safety of our employees, society and the environment as a whole

Accountability: We are fully accountable for carrying out our responsibilities in accordance to the values and government principles

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